IWD: Celebrating the fantastic women that we partner with at Here I Am

This International Women’s Day we are celebrating some of the fantastic women that we partner with at Here I Am. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be surrounded by talented women, both inside our own studio and across our ever expanding network. Our appreciations below are in no way an exhaustive list of the countless women that inspire us, but just a handful of the bright stars that we have been lucky to collaborate with.

IWD24 is focused on inspiring inclusion, which is something close to the heart and the work of each of the women that we appreciate in this article. Thank you to you all, Love the Here I Am team

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Naijeria Toweett, Technical Manager, Girl Effect

With thanks from Chance Mukamusoni, Here I Am

Naijeria and I collaborated on TEGA, Girl Effect's innovative digital research tool empowering girls to gather real-time insights into each other's lives. Naijeria's talent and dedication are truly inspiring. Her passion for technology and proactive problem-solving have left a lasting impression on me. I'll never forget her dedication during fieldwork, staying up late to address any tech issues. Seeing her personal story shared in The Guardian is a testament to her.

Thank you Naijeria for being such a genuine inspiration.


Emma Bergflo, Head of digital fundraising and product development, Plan International

With thanks from Justine Derouet, Here I Am

Last year, I had the pleasure to collaborate with Emma Bergflo on the design of a new fundraising product for Plan International.

As Head of Digital Fundraising and Product Development, Emma's unwavering dedication and adaptability were crucial to our success. Her leadership inspired creativity and innovation within the team.

Emma Bergflo

Nicki Lamont Cholfe, Global Digital Fundraising Concepts Project Lead, Plan International

With thanks from Justine Derouet, Here I Am

I also had the privilege of working closely with Nicki Lamont Cholfe, Global Digital Fundraising Concepts Project Lead, alongside Emma.

Nicki's expertise in digital marketing was instrumental in shaping our strategy. She always brought a fresh perspective to the table. Her positive and warm presence not only boosted team morale but also fostered a collaborative environment where everyone felt valued and inspired to contribute their best.

Cheers to Emma, Nicki and all women making a difference this International Women's Day!

Nicki Lamont Cholfe, Global Digital Fundraising Concepts Project Lead, Plan International

Solji Oh, Associate Innovation Officer - Digital Innovation (Middle East and North Africa), UNHCR

With thanks from Leah Mclaren, Here I Am

Efficiency is practically my middle name, so I always love working with people who are like minded and efficiency focused, like me - Solji was definitely that. I absolutely loved working closely with her on a short, but intensive Bootcamp project, and to see her dedication to help bridge the digital gender divide and equip both refugee-led organisations and UNHCR colleagues with the tools they need to thrive in a digital world. It was a joy to work with such a focussed, positive, thoughtful and collaborative partner — it always felt like we were working as one team with a shared goal.


Zoe Dibb, VP Impact & Quality, Right To Play

With thanks from Kate Greenstock, Here I Am

Zoe has been a colleague and a friend to Here I Am since 2015, during our days collaborating in her role as Global Research Lead for TEGA at Girl Effect.

We’ve learnt so much from partnering with Zoe through the years. It’s not uncommon for a meeting at Here I Am to include an idea, an anecdote or a salient piece of research advice that came directly from Zoe’s expertise.

Zoe is now VP Impact and Quality at Right to Play, a unique organisation whose mission is to protect, educate, and empower children to rise above adversity using the power of play. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Right to Play on a brand new project and to have met yet more inspiring women across the Right To Play organisation.

Thank you Zoe for being an inspiring colleague and a joyful friend.

Zoe Dibb

Karina Michel, Chief Creative & Technology Officer, Girl Effect

With thanks from Sean McEmerson, Here I Am

Working with Karina is a treat! Her inspiring work improves the lives of girls worldwide and is paving the way for a more equitable future. She is a leader in the field of gender equality and I am grateful to work with her on exciting projects, like Champions. It’s always a privilege to work with great people, and Karina is truly one of the best.

Karina Michel

Veronicah Wakarima, Global Safeguarding Manager, Girl Effect

With thanks from Diana Wambui, Here I Am

We've been fortunate to collaborate with Veronicah on the Wazzii project with Girl Effect, where she serves as the Global Safeguarding Manager. Veronicah's expertise in ensuring the safety and well-being of the young people we work with is unmatched. Witnessing her dedication is truly inspiring. Her profound knowledge and commitment to safeguarding children and young people permeate everything she does.

Observing her interaction with young people, ensuring their safety and comfort while offering guidance and support, is truly magical. Veronicah is not only a Global Safeguarding Manager but also a big sis to many.

This International Women's Day, let's celebrate Veronicah's remarkable impact and dedication to the well-being of young people.


Dr Ayesha Kareem, Tamilore Omojola, Meti Gemechu and Jean-Ann Ndow, Malala Fund

With thanks from Flynne Rushton, Here I Am

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ayesha, Tamilore, Meti and Jean-Ann on a project to define a global girls’ vision for a quality education. As Girls Vision Project Leads, Ayesha, Tamilore and Meti have used their varied experience advocating for girls’ rights and from the Malala Fund Fellowship programme to design an inclusive and intentional global consultation. I’ve learnt a lot from the way they seamlessly divide project responsibilities and always ground conversations in local contexts. As the Malala Fund’s Girl Programme Director, I have found Jean-Ann’s unwavering commitment to ensuring a girl-led approach inspiring. Her can-do, solutions-focused approach is refreshing and motivating!

Malala Fund women

Many thanks from Vitoria Silva, Here I Am

I work with so many amazing women, it was too hard to choose one! Tabatha Bruce is a strong and amazing woman whom I greatly admire. She is incredibly smart, has an amazing sense of humour, and effortlessly navigates complex situations. Since Laura and I founded Here I Am, Tabatha never hesitates to give us support in a very altruistic way.

Lynda Kigera at NRC manages the Norwegian Refugee Council — Better Learning Program App. Lynda’s dedication, hard work, and intelligence are always an inspiration for me. After many years of collaborating online, I was fortunate enough to meet Lynda in person while in Nairobi and witness her contagious laughter, spreading joy like no other!

Laura Tashjian and Katia Joo at CARE are two incredible women who have been working with us for several years across two of our projects: Fatima and VoiceApp. Their collaboration has brought forth new ideas and deepened the impact of our work.

Finally, Gaya Butler at Movember is one of the most impressive leaders I have ever worked with: she combines intelligence, visionary and strategic thinking, coupled with a remarkable "can-do" attitude and hard-work that’s contagious. Gaya’s influence has shaped me into a better individual, both personally and professionally, and I am truly grateful for the privilege of having Gaya as one of the supporters of Here I Am.

Vi group

Many thanks from Laura Scanlon, Here I Am

Brilliant women have been a constant presence in my career, from my first boss Nicola Jones to Farah Razman Golant at Nike Foundation and Claire Tavernier at Girl Effect. My working life today is dominated by incredible women who inspire me every day, from the straight talking, strategic always-one-step-ahead-of-everyone-else Christabell Makokha at CARE, to Linda Raftree, one of the world’s best digital ethics experts who really has been pivotal in shaping the way that Here I Am thinks and works, to the relentless, infectious energy, creativity and optimism that pours of Isadora Quay at the Gender In Emergencies Group, to Emma Roscoe at Ravel who can turn the stickiest and most complex problems into simple, society-changing ideas. You are all amazing, and I’m very lucky to have you in my life.

Laura's group

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