Our research platform Fatima hears from the UK's most overlooked communities

Qualitative data is typically collected from marginalised communities via face-to-face methodologies. The global pandemic, and its social distancing demands left many organisations unable to understand and support those who need it most.

In partnership with CARE, we decided to tackle this problem head-on.

Our solution is Fatima.

Fatima collects interview data via a simple phone call from any person with a basic phone. No matter their location, at no cost to them. No internet, smartphone, training or data credit required. The interview is recorded and automatically uploaded to a secure data platform, where the findings are segmented, transcribed, translated and programmatically analysed using machine Learning (ML currently only available in English but other languages coming soon!)

Fatima now live in parts of Africa, Asia and Lat Am, and the UK.

Last week, Fatima’s first UK customer, The Young Foundation, published their findings. Hear how the UK's most overlooked communities feel about their local economies on the Institute for Community Studies website

Find out more about Fatima, and how it can reach and understand your communities.

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